Australia Cricket Team | Rankings and Players
Australia Cricket Team | Rankings and Players

Australia Cricket Team | Rankings and Players

Why the Australia Cricket Team is one of the greatest cricket squads in the world of cricket? As the joint oldest team in Test cricket history, they’ve contributed to the world plenty of outstanding and stunning cricket matches, and excellent players of all time. Let’s see how well you know about this squad! This article offers a full list of team players and their achievements.

Australia Cricket Team

Australia Cricket Team

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Year Joined: 1905

ICC Team Rankings

Australia Cricket Team
Australia Cricket Team

Australia Cricket Team players Australia A Players (Men and Women)

Here is the list of players, including  men and women players, from Australia A Cricket Team. 


  • Abbott, Sean
  • Agar, Ashton
  • Agar, Wesley


  • Bancroft, Cameron
  • Bartlett, Xavier
  • Bird, Jackson
  • Boland, Scott
  • Buckingham, Jordan
  • Burns, Joseph
  • Brown, Maitlan
  • Burns, Erin


  • Carey, Alex 
  • Conway, Harry
  • Campbell, Stella
  • Carey, Nicola
  • Cheatle, Lauren


  • Davies, Oliver
  • Dwarshuis, Benjamin
  • Darke, Madeleine
  • Darlington, Hannah
  • Dooley, Josephine


  • Fekete, Andrew
  • Ferguson, Callum
  • Faltum, Nicole
  • Flintoff, Tess


  • Green, Cameron
  • Graham, Heather


  • Handscomb, Peter
  • Hardie, Aaron
  • Harris, Marcus
  • Hatcher, Liam
  • Hazlewood, JoshAustralia
  • Head, TravisAustralia
  • Henriques, Moises
  • Holland, Jonathan
  • Hunt, Henry
  • Harris, Grace


  • Inglis, Joshua


  • Jewell, Caleb
  • Johnson, Spencer
  • Johnson, Sammy-Jo
  • Jonassen, Jessica


  • Kellaway, Campbell
  • Khawaja, Usman
  • Kuhnemann, Matthew
  • Kimmince, Delissa
  • Knott, Charli


  • Labuschagne, Marnus
  • Litchfield, Phoebe


  • Maddinson, Nicolas
  • Marsh, Mitchell
  • McAndrew, Nathan
  • McDermott, Benjamin
  • McSweeney, Nathan
  • Murphy, Todd
  • Mack, Katie
  • McGrath, Tahlia
  • Molineux, Sophie


  • Neser, Michael


  • O’Keefe, Stephen


  • Paine, Timothy
  • Paris, Joel
  • Patterson, Kurtis
  • Pattinson, James
  • Peirson, James
  • Perry, Mitchell
  • Philippe, Joshua
  • Pucovski, William
  • Patterson, Bridget
  • Perry, Ellyse
  • Peterson, Kate


  • Renshaw, Matthew
  • Richardson, Jhye
  • Rogers, Thomas
  • Rowe, Patrick
  • Redmayne, Georgia


  • Sandhu, Gurinder
  • Sangha, Tanveer
  • Short, D’Arcy
  • Short, Matthew
  • Stanlake, Billy
  • Steketee, Mark
  • Stoinis, MarcusAustralia
  • Street, Bryce
  • Sutherland, William
  • Swepson, Mitchell
  • Schutt, MeganAustralia
  • Sippel, Courtney
  • Strano, Molly
  • Sutherland, Annabel


  • Thornton, Henry
  • Tremain, Christopher
  • Turner, Ashton
  • Tye, Andrew 


  • Vakarewa, Belinda
  • Villani, Elyse
  • Vlaeminck, Tayla
  • Voll, Georgia


  • Wade, Matthew
  • Ward, Timothy
  • Wildermuth, Jack
  • Wyllie, Teague
  • Wareham, Georgia
  • Webb, Courtney
  • Wellington, Amanda-Jade
  • Wilson, Tahlia

Australia Cricket Team Featured Players

What are the most well-known team players in the Australia Cricket team so far? Let’s honour the top 7 Australian cricketers who have maintained a national reputation and are shaping the sport’s future.

Australia Cricket Team players Honours

Australia has been recognized as the most powerful team in recent years after their continuous winnings. They are known for their resilience and ability to perform under pressure, which is why they have won the tournament five times. Remarkably, they won three of those five times consecutively from 1999 to 2007, a period that is considered the golden era of cricket for Australia.

During this time, some of the greatest players of the game such as Andrew Symonds, Ricky Ponting, and Adam Gilchrist, rose to prominence and established themselves as future hall of famers.

After defeating the Indian Cricket team in the World Test Championship Final, Australia are now the only team to win an ICC title in all three formats of the game including the Champions Trophy twice.

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