40+ Tricky Cricket Quiz Questions for True Fans
40+ Tricky Cricket Quiz Questions for True Fans

40+ Tricky Cricket Quiz Questions for True Fans

Are you a true fan of Cricket? How well do you know about Cricket games? Answer the following questions and see whether you are a Cricket expert!

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40+ Mind-blowing Cricket Quiz Questions

Are you ready for cricket quiz. Here a test that includes easy to hard cricket quiz questions

Easy Cricket Quiz Questions

Let’s get started to 10 easy Cricket Quiz Questions

1/ Up until 2019, which cricketers have the record for the highest-run partnership in the ODI World Cup for India

A. Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly

B. Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid

C. Saurav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag

D. Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar

Answer: B. Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid

2/ Against which country did India score their lowest total at the ODI World Cup as of 2023?

A. West Indies

B. England

C. New Zealand

D. Australia

Answers: D. Australia

3/ In which year were the World Cup matches reduced to 50 overs from the previous 60 overs?

A. 1983

B. 1979

C. 1992

D. 1987

Answers: D. 1987

4/ Kapil Dev did not play for India during the World Cup tournament held in:

A. 1975

B. 1979

C. 1983

D. 1987

Answer: A. 1975

5/ How many runs did India make in its historic World Cup win over West Indies in 1983?

A. 374

B. 175

C. 183

D. 259

Answer: C. 183

6/ Against which country did India score their highest total at the ODI World Cup as of 2019?

A. Bermuda

B. Kenya

C. Sri Lanka

D. Namibia

Answer:  A. Bermuda

7/ India’s first win in a World Cup match was against?

A. Sri Lanka

B. West Indies

C. East Africa

D. England

Answer: C. East Africa

8/ When was the Ashes first played?

A. 1872

B. 1877

C. 1882

D. 1887

Answer: B. 1877

9/ Who was the Indian player who never represented India in any international game but still got selected for the 1983 World Cup?

A. Bharath Reddy

B. Sunil Kirti Azad

C. Eknath Solkar

D. Sunil Valson

Answer: D. Sunil Valson

10/ What is the largest cricket stadium in the world?

A. Eden Gardens

B. Melbourne Cricket Club

C. Lords

D. Narendra Modi Stadium

Answer: D. Narendra Modi Stadium

Medium Cricket Quiz Questions

Too easy? Let’s get started to 10 harder Cricket Quiz Questions

11/ How long is the wicket on a cricket pitch?

A. 18 yards

B. 20 yard

C. 22 yards

D. 24 yards

Answer: C. 22 yards

12/ How long did the longest cricket match in history go on for?

A. 6 days

B. 9 days

C. 10 days

D. 12 days

Answer: B. 9 days

13/ Who did England beat in the final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

A. Australia 

B. India

C. New Zealand

D. South Africa

Answer: C. New Zealand

14/ Who is known as Mr 360?

A. Shaun Tait

B. Courtney Walsh

C. James Anderson

D. Abraham Benjamin de Villiers

Answer: D. Abraham Benjamin de Villiers

15/  Who is the ICC Best Cricketer of the Year 2019?

A. Ben Stocks

B. Virat Kohli

C. Imran Tahir

D. James Anderson

Answer: A. Ben Stocks

16/ Which legendary bowler has the nickname ‘Whispering Death’?

A. Curtly Ambrose

B. Dennis Lilee

C. Michael Holding

D. Wasim Akram

Answer: C. Michael Holding

17/ Harold (“Dickie”) Bird is best known for his career in cricket as:

A. an administrator

B. a batsman

C. a bowler

D. an umpire

Answer: D. an umpire

18/ In which year were the first laws of cricket believed to have been written?

A. 1806

B. 1774

C. 1882

D. 1709

Answer:  B. 1774

19/ Cricket umpires use a large variety of signals to make sure that the correct scores are kept. What does it mean if an umpire raises both arms straight above his head?

A. The batsman has scored six runs

B. The bowler has bowled a wide

C. The Batman is out

D. The bowler has bowled a no-ball

Answer: A. The batsman has scored six runs

20/ Who becomes the first cricketer to win three top ICC honours in the same year?

A. AB de Villers

B. Virat Kohli

C. Rishabh Pant

D. Wasim Akram

Answer: B. Virat Kohli

Hard Cricket Quiz Questions

Are you ready to challenge yourself with much harder cricket quiz questions?

21/ What is the slang term given to a ball that is bowled so well that it is considered unplayable by the batsman?

A. An over

B. A haft volley

C. An inswinger

D. A jaffa

Answer: D. A jaffa

22/True or False?: A score of 111 by a batsman or a team is known by many as a “Nelson.”



Answer: True

23/ Chennai Super King lifted the Trophy of IPL 2018 for the third time by defeating?

A. Mumbai Indians

B. Sunrisers Hyderabad

C. Gujarat Titans

D. Royal Challengers Bangalore

Answer: B. Sunrisers Hyderabad

24/ For how many days is a Test match scheduled?

A. five days

B. one day

C. 60 overs

D. 100 overs

Answer: A five days

25/ What is the name given to the biennial international Test cricket series played between England and Australia?
A. The Ashes

B. The Sheffield Shield

C. The Cricket World Cup

D. The Trans-Tasman Trophy

Answer: The Ashes

26/  Name the first cricketer to score 1000 runs in an innings in any competitive match.

A. Pranav Dhanawade

B. Indra Nooyi

C. K Srikkanth

D.  RE Gtant Grovan

Answer: A. Pranav Dhanawade

27/ In which stadium Tendulkar completed his 100th  Century?

A. Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium

B. Mirpur

C. M. A. Aziz Stadium

D. Shere Bangla Stadium

Answer: D. Shere Bangla Stadium

28/  First no test playing nation that beat India in International Cricket?

A. Pakistan

B. England

C. Sri Lanka

D. Australia

Answer: Sri Lanka

29/ True or False?: Three of Australia’s Test cricket captains were nicknamed Pugsley, Tubby, and Punter.



Answer: True

30/ True or False?: Lord’s, the most famous of all English cricket grounds, got its name because of the popularity of the game with the English aristocracy.



Answer: False

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Super Hard Cricket Quiz Questions

These final 10 cricket quiz questions for expert level.

31/ On the eve of the men’s Ashes, which England player came out of Test retirement following Jack Leach’s stress fracture injury?

A. Adil Rashid

B. Phil Tufnell

C. Moeen Ali

D. Lauren Filer

Answer: C. Moeen Ali

32/ In the women’s Ashes Test at Trent Bridge, which fast bowler was handed an England debut?

A. Lauren Filer

B. Mahika Gaur

C. Danielle Gibson

D. Ellyse Perry

Answer: A. Lauren Filer

33/In the first men’s Ashes Test, which England batter hit a boundary off the opening ball of the series?

A. Zak Crawley

B. Ben Duckett

D. Ollie Pope

D. Stuart Broad

Answer: A. Zak Crawley

34/ Which former England cricketer won the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ competition in 2005?

A. Darren Gough

B. James Martin

C. Colin Jackson

D. Zoe Ball

Answer: A. Darren Gough

35/ What is the name of the luxury hotel in which the England cricketers stayed before the start of the Hero Honda Cup, in Mumbai, from Oct-Nov 2008?

A. Trident Hotel, Nariman Point Mumbai

B. The Golden House Hotel

C. Taj Mahal Tower

D. Taj Mahal Hotel

Answer: D. Taj Mahal Hotel

36/ Who was the first captain of the Indian Test team?

A. Vinoo Mankad

B. Lala Amarnath

C.  C K Nayudu

D. Polly Umrigar

Answer: C.  C K Nayudu

37/ When was the first time India took part in a World Series Cup (the tournament held in Australia every year)?

A.  1978-1979

B. 1980-1981

C. 1996-1997

D. 2001-2002

Answer: A.  1980-1981

38/ Who was named India’s Cricketer of the Century by Wisden?

A. Sunil Gavaskar

B. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

C. Kapil Dev

D. Imran Khan

Answer:  C. Kapil Dev

39/ In 2009, who was the chairman of the cash-rich Indian Premier League?

A. Brijesh Patel

B.  Lalit Modi

C. Arun Singh Dhumal

D. Rohit Sharma

Answer: B.  Lalit Modi

40/ Which England batter scored a double century in the women’s Ashes Test match?

A. Nat Sciver-Brunt

B. Heather Knight

C. Tammy Beaumont

D. Grace Harris

Answer: C. Tammy Beaumont

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