Captain of Indian Cricket Team – Top 10 of All Time
Captain of Indian Cricket Team – Top 10 of All Time

Captain of Indian Cricket Team – Top 10 of All Time

best captain of India cricket team

Rohit Sharma is the current captain of Indian cricket team, and his contribution is undoubted. Before him, many captains had also made a strong impact on Indian cricket. let’s explore who is the greatest captain of Indian cricket team of all time.

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C. K. Nayudu - First Captain Of Indian Cricket Team

Cottari Kanakaiya Nayudu, affectionately known as C. K. Nayudu, played a pivotal role in the history of Indian cricket. Not only was he a prolific batsman and all-rounder, but he also holds the distinction of being the first captain of the Indian cricket team.

Nayudu’s leadership began in 1932 when he captained India in their historic first-ever Test match against England at Lord’s. Despite India losing the match, Nayudu’s leadership laid the foundation for the future of Indian cricket.

Sunil Gavaskar - Best Captain of Indian Cricket Team

Sunil Gavaskar’s contributions to Indian cricket as a captain are undeniable. He captained the Indian cricket team intermittently for a period of 7 years from 1987 to 1985. He captained India in 47 Test matches, the highest at the time, and 9 Test victories showcasing his resilience and commitment. He nurtured young talents like Kapil Dev and Ravi Shastri, who later became iconic figures in Indian cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar - Great Captain of Indian National Cricket Team

Sachin Tendulkar, the “Master Blaster”, holds a unique position in Indian cricket history. While widely regarded as the greatest batsman of all time, his captaincy record is less clear-cut. e: His captaincy style was generally described as calm and composed, but some criticized it as being too laid-back.

Tendulkar first captained India in a Test match in 1996 and briefly led the team in both formats till 1997. He was reappointed captain for a short period in 1999 but stepped down due to various factors. Tendulkar took over the captaincy again in 2007 and led the team for a longer stint until 2011.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni - No.1 Captain of Indian Cricket Team

moments that made MS Dhoni India's 'Captain Cool'
Moments that made MS Dhoni India's 'Captain Cool'

No one can deny the contribution and talent of Dhoni in the role of Captaining India Cricket Team. His calm demeanour, leadership skills, and tactical acumen led India to unprecedented success across all formats. Under Dhoni’s leadership, India became a dominant force in international cricket.

Captaincy Years and Records:

  • 2007-2014 (Tests): Dhoni led India in Tests for 6 years, winning 27 out of 60 matches with a winning percentage of 45%.
  • 2007-2017 (ODIs): Under his leadership, India dominated the ODI format, winning 110 out of 200 matches with a winning percentage of 55%.
  • 2007-2016 (T20Is): Dhoni’s impact in T20Is was equally impressive, winning 41 out of 72 matches with a winning percentage of 56.9%.

Trophy Cabinet:

  • 2007 ICC World Twenty20: Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India won their first-ever ICC global trophy, defeating Pakistan in the final.
  • 2011 Cricket World Cup: This was a defining moment for Indian cricket, as they lifted the World Cup after 28 years under Dhoni’s strategic leadership.
  • 2013 ICC Champions Trophy: Dhoni became the first captain to win all three major ICC trophies, further solidifying his legacy.
  • 2010 and 2016 Asia Cup: India secured two Asia Cup victories under Dhoni’s captaincy, showcasing their dominance in the region.

Virat Kohli - Most Successful India's Captain in Cricket

Along with the former, Virat Kohli is one of the most successful Indian cricket team captains. He was appointed vice-captain in 2012, further developing his leadership skills under the guidance of MS Dhoni. Kohli took over as Test captain in 2015, marking the beginning of a new era for Indian cricket.

Impressive Win Percentages:

  • Test Cricket: Kohli boasts a remarkable 58.8% winning percentage in Test cricket, the highest among all Indian captains. He led the team to 40 wins in 68 matches, including victories in Australia and England.
  • ODI Cricket: His win percentage in ODIs is equally impressive at 70.4%, with 65 wins in 95 matches. Under his captaincy, India rose to the top of the ICC ODI rankings.
  • T20I Cricket: While his T20I win percentage is slightly lower at 65%, it still represents a strong record with 30 wins in 50 matches.
Despite his success, Kohli’s captaincy tenure did not yield any major ICC titles, raising questions about his decision-making in crucial moments.
virat kohli india cricket t20 world cup 5940705
Best Captain of Indian Cricket Team

Rohit Sharma - Current Captain of Indian Cricket Team

Rohit Sharma, the Hitman of Indian cricket, is currently leading the team in all three formats, having taken over the captaincy mantle in 2021. While his reign is still relatively young, he has already achieved significant milestones and demonstrated strong leadership qualities.

Rohit took over as ODI captain in December 2021, following the conclusion of MS Dhoni’s captaincy. Rohit led India to a dominant victory in the 2022 Asia Cup, defeating arch-rivals Pakistan in the final.

Hardik Pandya - Promising India T20 Captian

Hardik is still relatively new to captaincy, having only captained in 16 T20Is. More time and experience are needed to solidify his leadership qualities and strategies. Hardik has a commendable winning percentage of 66.7% in T20Is as captain, leading India to victories in 11 of the 16 matches he has captained. Many experts believe Hardik possesses the potential to be a successful long-term captain, given his leadership skills and cricketing acumen.

Shantha Rangaswamy - First Captain of Indian Female Cricket Team

Shantha Rangaswamy holds a significant place in Indian cricket history as the first captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. Her contributions extended far beyond leadership, making her a true pioneer for the sport in India.

  • Rangaswamy captained India in 12 out of the 16 Test matches she played, leading the team to a historic victory over West Indies in 1976-77.
  • She also played a key role in the ODI format, captaining India in 16 of her 19 matches and scoring the team’s first ODI century in 1982.
  • Throughout her career, Rangaswamy amassed impressive statistics, scoring 2,339 runs in Tests and 732 runs in ODIs.

Mithali Raj - India's Most Trusted Captain

With a career spanning over two decades, Mithali Raj is called the “Lady Tendulkar of Indian Women’s cricket“, as she is currently the all-time leading run-scorer for India in all formats, including Tests, ODIs and T20Is. Fans of the cricketer have now dubbed her ‘Captain Cool’ because of this cool and calmess demeanour during the match, and have taken to Twitter again, to make it official.

Captaincy Years and Records:

  • 1999-2022: Mithali led the Indian women’s cricket team for an astonishing 23 years, setting a world record for the longest captaincy tenure in international cricket.
  • 174 matches: Under her leadership, India played 174 matches across formats, securing 89 victories, 82 losses, and 3 ties.
  • Highest win percentage: Mithali holds the record for the highest win percentage among all Indian captains (51.72%).
  • ICC World Cup Final: She led India to the finals of the prestigious ICC World Cup in 2005, marking a historic moment for the team.
Best female captain of Indian cricket team
Best Female Captain of Indian Cricket Team

Anjum Chopra - India Female Captain

Anjum Chopra remains a trailblazer for Indian women’s cricket. While her captaincy may have been relatively short-lived, her leadership, playing skills, and passion for the sport have inspired countless young girls to take up the sport. She captained the team for three years, 2002-2005, in 20 matches across formats, securing 10 victories, 9 losses, and 1 tie. Under her leadership, India emerged victorious in the 2004 Asia Cup, showcasing her ability to lead the team to continental success.

Frequently Asked Questions

MS Dhoni is one of the greatest captains of the Indian cricket team with numerous titles. He became the first captain to win all three major ICC trophies.  He possesses the Highest Win Percentage in ODIs (55%)

It is undeniable that Dhoni is the best captain in IPL, as he has led Chennai Super Kings to five IPL titles, the most by any captain in the league. Another name, Rohit has led Mumbai Indians to five IPL titles, tying Dhoni for the second-highest total, is also a great captain.

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly an Indian cricketer and the captain of the Indian cricket team. He is often referred to as “The Baap of Batting” due to his outstanding batting skills and record performances in world cricket.

Rohit Sharma is India’s new ODI captain and will lead the Indian team in Tests after Virat stepped down in 2021. He has ed the team to several victories, including the 2022 Asia Cup and a strong performance in the 2023 World Cup.


Virat Kohli remained captain of the Indian Test team throughout 2022. Rohit Sharma was appointed ODI captain in December 2021, leading the team for the remainder of the year. He also took over the T20I captaincy in November 2021, leading the team through the 2022 Asia Cup and the 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup..

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