Deltin7 VS MPL (A Complete Comparison in 2024)
Deltin7 VS MPL (A Complete Comparison in 2024)

Deltin7 VS MPL (A Complete Comparison in 2024)

Deltin7 vs MPL? What are your favourite gaming websites? These two websites are relatively new to the Indian market, yet quickly earn huge popularity in the gambling industry. They are perfect for Indian players who are looking for competitive odds for sports betting, horse racing betting, live casinos, card games of skills, and more. 

This article shows a full comparison between Deltin7 Sports vs MPL (Mobile Premier League), pros and cons, reviews from players, and the latest bonus program. Let’s dive in!

deltin7 vs MPL
Deltin7 vs MPL

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Deltin7 vs MPL Pros and Cons


deltin7 live cricket betting

Deltin7 Sports has its roots in Sri Lanka, from a small business to one of the leading gaming platform, not only serve as a reliable casino platform but also the best place for sports bets like cricket, especially for Indians.


  • Competitive odds
  • Live cricket betting
  • Live streaming major sports events
  • Offers many tutorials for different types of games and bettings
  • Excellent customer service
  • Trusted deposit and withdrawals process


  • Limited payment methods, local bank transfers only
  • New in the gaming industry


MPL is not a scam website, and it is perfectly legal and safe to enjoy an online gambling experience, and fantasy sports game and win real cash. It is famous for the brand ambassador Virat Kohli, the ex-cricket captain of India, adding star power and credibility to the platform.


  • Competition is LOW- All levels of user play because it is promoted on TV, YouTube, and sponsorship (BCCI KIT).
  • Instant withdrawal, 1-1 live chat, etc.
  •  60+ games for free download in categories such as fantasy sports, card games, arcade games, puzzle games, action games, and more. 
  • A famous Fantasy Cricket App


  • Platform Charges are High.
  • It runs slow on the old mobile.

Deltin7 vs MPL - Reviews

Let’s see how players give feedback about Deltin7 vs MPL.

Deltin7 - Reviews

  • Wide variety of live dealer games
  • Mobile casino app for Android and iOS
  • Quick registration with only basic information
  • MasterCard credit card cannot be used for money withdrawal
  • Possible withdrawal fees
  • Targeting just one country
  • Games are available only after registration
  • Transactions are safe & secure.
  • Withdrawing cash is hassle-free and fair.
  • Good and better service, best payment service amazing games playing and earn money and selfy withdrawals.
  • Deltin7 is a legit cash prize gaming platform trusted by Indians.
  • Best Rummy Experience, compared to all other platforms, I have earned good money from Deltin7.

MPL - Reviews

  • Safe & secure gaming platform with instant withdrawals and zero wait time
  • One of the top-rated gaming apps to earn real cash
  • Games are easy to play and have tutorials to help players improve
  • Quick and easy sign-up with your Google, Apple, or Facebook account
  • Several complaints on the App Store about unexplained bans, inconsistent payouts, and high processing fees
  • The rate of earning money can be slow
  • The game is a total ripoff. Players at spades tables working with each other against you cheating blatantly.
  • It was a very interesting and very best app to play and earn. I was also playing this and earning money online daily. 
  • I like the tournament setup with a large pot where you can win 25 or 50 cents at a time in tournaments if you played a game well even if you didn’t get one of the insanely high scores. 
  • I have been playing games online for money for a few years now and I have to say this is absolutely the Best gaming platform I have ever played on

Deltin7 vs MPL: Bonus

I know you are waiting for this section, which one is better in terms of bonuses and rewards? Check out if you miss any bonus, you deserve the best. 

Deltin7 Bonus

  • Sign up and Deposit Bonus: Rs 700, get a Rs 250 Bonus
  • Daily deposit Rs 500 to get a lucky draw up to Rs 11,0000
  • Welcome Gift Doubled up to Rs 15,000 in Bonus
  • 0.3% Rebate, no upper limit
  • 2% Bonus on every USDT Deposit
  • All wager relief money up to Rs 7,777
  • 30% First Deposit Bonus, 35% extra bonus Second Deposit Bonus

MPL Bonus

  • Play Games and Win Cash! Daily ₹3 Crore won by more than 10 Lakh users
  • The ‘Fresher’ and ‘Learner’ tiers are set at a ₹5,000 limit, ‘Intermediate’ to ‘Skilled’ tiers at ₹10,000, ‘Professional’ and ‘Champion’ at ₹15,000

Deltin7 VS MPL: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dream11 and MPL can play legally and win money. However, these online games have been banned in Telangana for many years. It has recently been reported that Nagaland, Assam and Sikkim also have bans on making money from the game, only the free version is allowed to play. 

There are many good websites for Indian better, one of them is Deltin7 sports, which have been in India for 2 years, and get a huge base of customers. It offers competitive odds, live streaming for sports events and daily bonus.

So far, tere is no Indian law that prohibits people from betting on a foreign-based website. As a result, you can confidently state that Deltin7 Sports is legal in India. In addition, it is only work on the India market and accepts Indian Rupee currency for deposits and bets.

Best Place for Cricket Betting

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